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Sewer Cleaning

Mac Vac Environmental Inc offers equipment to clean pipes ranging from 50mm to 1500mm in size and lengths up to 1000ft in one run


Hydro Excavation

IHV has 3 units equipped to perform hydro-excavation for power gas and other exploration needs with the ability to create hot water for areas that have frost or frozen ground


Root & Lateral Cutters

Using the lumberjack 300 cutter for pipes from 200mm to 525mm we are able to remove roots, encrustation and protruding laterals to reinstate pipes to there original capacities


Municipal, Industrial &

Commercial Cleaning 

Our confined space and safety trained personnel are able to conduct large clean jobs such as Lift Station,Treatment Facility cleaning as well as trenching under building


Video Inspection Units

IHV leads the way in pipeline inspection units with 3 fully equipped systems for inspecting pipes from 50mm to 1500mm sizes. They also have 2 SAT units to perform inspections from mainline pipes to lateral lines without entering properties

Before and after Nu Drain 1.jpg


Certified re-lining with NuFlow products for lines from 50mm to 600mm liner or spot repairs. Also line reinstating with cutting tools to remove roots or material build up

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